• How Can We Use Home Equity Loans Wisely?

    By:Kate Ross

    What It Is

    Since the concept of equity is molded around the difference between the total value of the house and a part which is untouchable, so to speak, the natural occurrence of this type of credit is as a continuation of a mortgage loan, the untouchable part, being what is still affected by the mortgage.

    A Normal Mortgage

    A normal mortgage loan is money granted to a borrower, up to a sum equal or lower than the appraised value of the house. Lets suppose that a mortgage has been granted for the total value of the house, say, 300,000 dollars. A monthly payment of a 30 year term would be around 2,000 dollars, which after 10 years, would mean something like 50,000 dollars of the total principal payed back.

    The Equity

    The difference between the total value of your home and the principal you still owe is the equity or, to put it more graphically, the part of the home which is yours again, after the payments. The part or the money that it represents can be obtained from home equity loans, which are often called second mortgages.

    A Good Security

    The home you are using to back up the loan is a good security. It supposes very little risk for the lender and low risk means low interest. On the other hand, make sure you are not putting your home at stake, by measuring your payment capacity accurately.

    Nothing Better Than A Good Planning

    Even though you may have a remaining equity of 80% of the value of your home and you choose a home equity loan for only 10%, there are lenders who keep strictly to their right by contract and reposses a house worth 300,000 dollars, for a miserable 30,000 in debt.

    For this reason it is your main interest to plan well ahead and make sure you can pay every single month. Even better, is to shop around for a while and only sign up with lenders of acknowledged reputation. This will reduce the risk of losing your home, since there are some instances to go through, before your home is auctioned.

    The Strawberry On The Pie

    The soundest advice we can give you here is to use a home equity loan for something that will give you a good benefit. First on the line is for the improvement or enlargement of your home. Next could be to expand your business. Not a startup. There is a great risk of new businesses going bust before the loans are totally paid.

    In other words, use it to obtain more capital, creating a cycle of growth to your assets, as a sort of compensation for the risk your home is at.


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