• Debt Consolidation Personal Loans: A Loan to Pay Back All Lo

    By:Jennifer Morva

    To fulfill our personal needs we normally go for bank loan. But we never think how to pay back when we take multiple loans. Rates of different loan summed up will be too much to pay off. There are even chances of defaults which will affect your credit history. So what to do so that one can easily pay all the loans taken without causing him much. Well here is a solution- Debt consolidation personal loan.

    Brief review

    Debt consolidation personal loan will help you to take a loan and with that you can pay back all loans taken. Since the borrower has obtained numerous loans at a time, he has to pay different rates which will directly affect his monthly expenses. This loan will help the borrower out of messy situation and he will have to pay only one rate of interest. Hence he can be free from the stresses because of multiple loans. This loan can be attained as unsecured and secured loan. Normally unsecured loan is given for only small amount since lender will be facing maximum risk. In secured loan, the applicant has to keep collateral against the loan taken to pay off all the debts. This loan amount will be enough to pay back all the loans taken by the applicant. The lender will also check the credit history before sanctioning the loan.

    Rate of interest and repayments

    The rate of interest charged is less. But for unsecured loan it will be slightly more than the secured one. The rate charged in this case compared to the sum of all rates of multiple loans will be very less hence better for the borrower. Lesser rate means longer repayment tenure.

    Advantages of debt consolidation personal loans

    • Less monthly payments

    • Less rate of interest

    • Longer repayment tenure

    • Improve the credit ratings

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